Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hey, I've reached Expert Author status over at Drop in some time and read the wisdom of my words...

The more people who read, rate and comment on my articles the more article feeds I'm likely to get, and hopefully, someone soon will offer to pay me for this stuff! lol

Good luck to Bridgit and Madelaine. Bridgit is nearly finished her trial HSC exams and Madelaine is entering a short story competition. Hope you both go well! I know you've put in a top effort.



Michele said...
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Michele said...

Just a note to thank Trish for her help with Madelaine's short story. This is the first competition Madelaine has entered and Trish's advice and proof reading/editing of her story was fantastic.
It was precise and so easy to read. Trish helped Madelaine's story to flow better and educated her on some of the finer tips of writing.
What I loved most about her help was that she did not in any way try and change Madelaine's story.
I would recommend her help to everyone and will certainly be contacting her again.

suzannelieur said...

Hi, Trish,

I love your articles at - in fact, I will be using some of them at my own blog since it's for writers too.

Thanks a bunch.

Suzanne Lieurance
The Working Writer's Coach