Monday, November 13, 2006

This is me!

I'm being brave this week and posting my picture to my blog [it's already at]. Brave, because I really dislike having my photo taken and, generally dislike, even more, the end result. But this one's okay. I was sitting in my father's backyard last ANZAC day - March 25th, and trying not to muck up yet another phototaking session. I much prefer to be the one doing the clicking...

I decided to take the step of posting my image so that my clients would have some idea of who they were "talking" to.

So, now you know...

More articles in a few days!
Trish the Brave


Yvonne Perry said...

I can't imagine why you would be camera shy with such a lovely face to show the world!

Anonymous said...


You are too funny - you seem to be a fountain of enthusiastic talent wrapped up in a slightly less than public persona: the absolutely perfect personality for a freelan, uhm, Independent Writer.

As to the dyslexic fingers? I'd say just hang in there and be thankful it's just your fingers - if the feet get involved you'll be in much bigger trouble.

Thanks for the great site and the unique view of life you bring to your subjects,


Griefcase said...

Hi Trish, You're BEAUTIFUL!

And I know what you mean about posting a picture of one's self--yikes!--on the internet. Still it is nice to put a face with a name.

Nice blog. Nice words. Nice photo.


Beginnings, Middle and Ends said...

Thanks for the confidence boost everyone - you're all too good.


Anonymous said...

Hey Trish...I really like your writing style. Your words read like you are having a conversation with your readers and that is sometimes difficult to capture.

You should be a professional blogger!


katy said...

Coming from another person who doesn't like to be on the 'taken' side of the camera - you have nothing to worry about!
It is great to be able to put a face to words as well.

Sondra said...

I do like seeing the beauty and wisdom in your face as I read the beauty and wisdom of your words. Thanks for letting yourself be known!