Thursday, September 13, 2007

Back Online

After being virtually rendered computerless by phone lines that wouldn't work, connections that wouldn't stay connected and a creakingly old computer, I am well on my way to being back in the world of the cyber-living.

My phone line is fixed and I'll soon be getting broadband.

My old pc has been retired and a sparkling new model adopted.

And I have a pile of articles to post to this blog.... just as soon as I get Word and all my other applications re-installed, which means finding the disks. Cue the shuddering fearful me - my little office is a shambles. I had to pull it apart to allow the phone guy access to my phone line and to replace my pc box. This only happened yesterday and I've been at work all day today. Still a mess in other words!

Hopefully I'll be in full action by the weekend.

Until then

cheers all

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