Monday, October 15, 2007

Imaginative Journeys

or what I learned on the weekend...

1. Spring days are the best days

2. Little Athletics is hard work [for the parents that is, the kids have got it easy!]

3. Orchids are beautiful

4. Spending a few hours on a warm spring day is much more preferrable to attending to laundry needs

5. Having a coffee with your best bud is a predestined event that you shouldn't bother trying to fight.

Somewhere in that weekend I had a few profound moments that lifted a run-of-the-mill couple of days to pretty darn good days. I learned patience. At the Orchid Spectacular I went to on Sunday I restrained myself from buying every pretty flower I could find and purchased only one. If I manage to get that one to grow, flower and, hopefully, thrive, then next year I will buy another. I'm new to the whole orchid grower scene so it's baby steps for me.

I ran into my best bud at the local shopping mall mere seconds after thinking about her and wondering if she'd like to go get coffee in that afternoon. She couldn't, but invited me to go get coffee right away. I couldn't. However, in the afternoon, I was sitting at the cafe sipping coffee and who walked by? My best bud. She couldn't stay so we organised to meet up properly on Wednesday instead. That was this morning. There's something very satisfying about chatting with a friend in a cafe - away from home and work, relaxed, good atmosphere. Coffee always tastes better too!

How does all this contribute to my writing? On one level, not a lot. On a variety of others; through physical experience and activity, imagination, relaxing, going with the flow. These all help toward building character, story, background and plot. They also help clear the head, bring you out of any corners you may be stuck in, and if you do get that perfect spring day, share the realisation that life is great and can only get greater.

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