Tuesday, December 23, 2008

When I grow up...

This week..,

when I grow up I want to be an event planner/decorator. I actually am an event coordinator already, however, I would like my own event business. The only trouble is,

1. I like doing all the creative stuff not necessarily the boring businessy type stuff. I can do it (the boring businessy stuff, that is), but I've always found that as soon as someone shows any type of flair for this side of business everybody else immediately lets them do it... all of it. Of course, if I'm the boss, I can employ someone to do it for me, or, encourage a business-type person to be co-boss with me. Equal partners means equal committment to my vision. Yes?

2. I want to be a writer at the same time. Working long hours isn't always conducive to writing best sellers. Look at me now - nothing published let alone on the bestseller list.

3. I have no start-up money. This isn't a major problem really. I could start-up at home. I would do my own marketing, design, etc from my corner desk and hire equipment as needed. I wouldn't want to stock my own equipment to start with anyway. Building up stock slowly is better, learning what items are really useful and what aren't will cost me less this way.

4. I would like to have a partner (other than the business type person) who would give creative input and come up with lots of good ideas with me. I have someone in mind. I'm just not sure if she's really into it. She'd be great. Very good at public relations, but... well, I'll wait and see.

Finally, good old point number five...

5. Next week, I might want to do something else entirely.


Joanne Walpole said...

Hi Trish,
Hope you had a nice Xmas. Oh, if wishes were horses then beggars would ride...

An Inconsistent Writer said...

Yes, thank you, I had quite a nice christmas. Quiet and no travelling obligations to visit relatives. All the important ones (most of them anyway) came to my place for a low key lunch followed by a pleasant afternoon sitting in the sun chatting and digesting.

Boxing Day was completely lazy. I did nothing at all!

How was your christmas, Jo?

Ray said...

Mixing business with pleasure can be fun. The story my wife tells me (I have no memories for part of my life) is that I conducted business within the assigned time. But pleasure - the writing bit - was done on the commute to and from work, during those essential moments when I had to leave my desk and during my lunch hour. When I got home I ignored the washing up and typed away. Later, and with my own supply of paper would use the spare typewriter at work during my lunch hour. This worked fine as I was able to do the washing up when I got home. The wife was happy with this arrangement.

An Inconsistent Writer said...

I can easily ignore the washing up. It's the family I find hard to ignore.
Thanks for commenting