Monday, October 03, 2011

I'm not back really...

though I do miss this blog. I switched to wordpress. I know, my bad. But I couldn't help it. Wordpress had all these new gadgety things, and different formats and looked realy pretty. Yes, I am attracted by bright lights and pretty things.

But I do miss blogger so I've come back for a quick visit.

I've found in the past year, that while wordpress looks a little prettier there are some functions on blogger that seem to be much easer to deal with, like putting up things like badges.... or perhaps it's just that I'm a year older and have less patience for html coding even in a wyswig type of environment.

As I write, I decide that perhaps I could keep both blogs active... in a flush of writing frenzy past inability to deal with regular blog posts is fading fast. But, you know, I could do it if I use this blog for writing about books etc.

That's not a bad idea. Maybe, I am back after all...

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