Thursday, January 19, 2012

Insomnia hits again

I can't sleep. I'm sitting on the lounge watching a documentary about Roxy Music (coz a long time ago I kind of liked some of their songs), sipping a herbal tea brew called "Sweet Dreams", and randomly typing words that I hope will be somewhat readable at the end.

I was given a journal for Christmas with the title "I Can't Sleep" and a relative quote every few pages. It's purpose is to fill those ticking sleepless minutes with written down thoughts. I don't like to spoil the pages with my inky scribble though so it sits beside me while I blog.

Work is the problem. Usually, I leave it behind at 5pm and don't think too much about it. I'm an event coordinator though with a big event coming up and this time I have not been able to switch the work brain off. Such a pain especially as my thoughts have little to do with events or work, or even much to do with thinking.

Scattered half-thoughts, ideas and memories bounce around with no direction and no control. There's barely time for introspection or examination before each word/thought/feeling flitters off.

It could be worse. Some nights, I lay staring at the dark of my eyelids with the exact same thought replaying in my head; worse than a scratch in an old vinyl record. It's like this, "stopthinking, stopthinking, stopthinking, stopthinking...".

Perhaps tonight, "Sweet Dreams" tea and Roxy Music will slow the scattergun mind effect and ease my way to slumber. I can only hope so, and try not to think about it.

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