Sunday, July 01, 2007

Feedback for Plan to Write, Plan to Succeed

I've received some great feedback for my first ever ebook and wanted to share it with you. Writing takes more than talent and knowledge, it takes "butt in seat" work and a fair bit of determination. I'm so happy that I finally have something to show for the hours of typing and researching and planning...

Hi Trish,

I've just finished your e-book. Very informative and thanks for the mention! It must have taken you ages. Well done. It does tend to make me realise what a sloppy writer I am in terms of organisation.... Anyway, enjoyed the read and hope plenty of people get to read it and benefit from your experience.


and this one,

Hi Trish
Had to let you know I found your e-book interesting and informative,
espec for me in the Keeping Records section. My bete-noire!
Thanks for the chance to read it.

Thanks Jo and Sheryl. I appreciate the time you've taken to share your thoughts.

If anyone else would like a) a copy of Plan to Write, Plan to Succeed or b) to leave some feedback, just drop me a line at

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