Sunday, July 08, 2007

I wish...

that I had the time (and peace and quiet) to read every book on my "To Read" list

that I had the patience to sit down and teach myself to play a musical instrument

that I could know for sure that everything I am teaching my children is the right stuff to be teaching them

that I could put 100% effort into everything instead of divvying it all up

that wine didn't make me tipsy after the second glass

that I could understand what I'm doing at places like MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, StumbleUpon, etc instead of just muddling on through a bit at a time

that I could spend hours wandering around art galleries and museums, and not think about anything else apart from art and history

that I could write and read and write and read... and someone would pay me for that

that a literary agent or publisher would discover my work without my having to "pound the pavement" to get their attention

that I could paint, draw, knit, watch old movies, and read books, and still have time to write and have the family I aim to have

that I still sang and danced around the house the way I used to.

I wish...

We all have lots of wishes, for more time, for some recognition, for knowledge, but those wishes won't and cannot come true without some planning and effort on our part. We can through ourselves to the Universe as much as we like, but opening ourselves to possibility, planning how we can achieve our goals and working toward them one step at a time has much more chance at success than passively wishing on a star.

Lisa Gates, over at Design Your Writing Life, has some wonderful words to help set you on the right path, and you don't have to be a writer to benefit. What she has to share can be used for whichever path you're aiming for. Go and take a look. It's worth it.



Writer, Rejected said...

I really like your wish list. I too wish that getting published wasn't so darn hard to. If you're interested, check out my blog (comments section where editors have been chewing the fat on why the reject the heck out of good writers) to get some insight.

Some of the comments these editors make about never really ever being able to publish what's good (vs. what's marketable) is really eye opening.

Glad I found your blog.

Lisa Gates said...

Trish, I just finally read your post here and saw the link. I think the first time I read your post I was so drawn into the wishes I didn't notice the last paragraph.

So thank you for the gesture and the link. You are a thoughtful writer and an editor with a fine eye.

[Occupational hazard] So, if you were to take a look at just one wish (lament?) and move it front and center, what would it be?

Who do you need to be to keep it front and center?

What's one bold action you can take to activate that wish?

Beginnings, Middle and Ends said...

Well, the getting tipsy after only two glasses of wine is easily fixed. All it needs is practise...

The things I know I have some control over, besides being a howling drunk, are learning how to cope with the networking directories. Practise [that has a familiar ring to it] and some determination will get me there. However, I'd rather be writing than networking.

I can see that if I took a few moments to relax and stop thinking about everything else that's going on then I could definitely squeeze in some singing and dancing. Planning [when I've finished dancing up a storm] will get me to the museum, and letting the things I can't control [like whether or not my kids will turn out okay] go will help me free up time for some of the other things on my wishlist.