Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another word or two on common errors

I just wanted to add a few more words on the subject of misused words; pet peeves, if you will.


These are two different words with two different meanings. "Loose" refers to things like, "loose change" or, "the cows are loose in the back paddock again, Ma!". That sort of thing.

"Lose" is related to "lost", like when you lose an aeroplane full of hapless people somewhere over the Pacific Ocean and then later decide to make a neverending television series about it. Though that may refer more to "losing the plot" - or it could just be me.

A couple of others, which are more a change in style yet to catch on than peeves, are:

Adding "st" to the end of words, such as whilst, amongst, amidst. The "st" is on its way to meet the dinasaurs. Modern useage is to leave the words intact. Eg. while, among and amid.

Double quotation marks instead of single. That is, "dialogue" rather than 'dialogue'. Doubles are out. Singles are in. Why? Singles save space and, therefore, save paper. Kind of like using one space after a fullstop/period or colon, instead of two. Note that the whole single versus double rule does not include quotes.

By the same reasoning, you could also change useage of words such as, towards and backwards, to, toward and backward.

What do you think? Have any pet peeves?


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AC Associates said...

Pet Peeves? I just finished writing about one of my peeves...
Nothing major, but still know what I mean.
Great blog!