Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Being a writer

If you have a secret desire to write stories or poems, if you feel the need to voice an opinion or share knowledge through the written medium, then that is enough to make you a writer. But, if you didn't go past highschool education, did not excel in English at school and aren't familiar with a lot of the technical aspects of writing, then you may be wondering where to start.

The World Wide Web is a wonderful tool for writers and prospective writers alike. Where else can you tap into writing groups full of like-minded people willing to help you out, for free, without leaving the comfort of your computer monitor and keyboard. Following are a bunch of tips on how to get started as a writer and a few pointers about what being a writer means.

Being a writer does not only mean being published in print. Writers are people that use the written word to express themselves either in journals, through poetry, stories, articles, essays or letter-writing. There are as many different forms of written expression as there are ways to paint a picture.

Coming up will be some posts that take a quick look at what the "really new to writing" writer can do to help themselves proceed down their chosen path.


Vivienne Quek said...

I'm not a professional writer and I'm still learning how to write properly. But that did not stop me from writing and blogging. The more I write, the more I learn and the more I enjoyed the writing. Even those who cannot write in native English standard will get to enjoy writing. Sharing what one knows, likes, dislikes ... in words is a joy in itself

Beginnings, Middle and Ends said...

Write, learn, write more, learn more... You are exactly right, Vivienne. Sharing knowledge and experience through writing is a wonderful ability and shouldn't be stopped by restrictive perceptions. Thanks for dropping by. Cheers - TrishA