Saturday, June 09, 2007

Winter has finally hit!

It has been raining for almost two days solid, wild winds to go with it. North of Sydney serious damage and deaths have occurred. Now, I'm told the real storm, as if what we've been experiencing isn't enough, is coming our way.

My in-laws lost their verandah roof at 1am this morning. My brother-in-law and family have been without electricity for nearly 24-hours. I'm just thankful that I live where I do in a relatively safe part of Sydney.

I drove down to the beach today. The beachside roads are buried under golden sand. The wind was too strong to allow a stroll over the dunes and to the beach, but surely the giant waves have cut a swathe along their lengths.

Take a look at the picture. Where the white sign is should be a wide bitumen path. Right next to that is the road. It's all still there, of course, just buried under a few inches of mushy sand.

I think I'll stay home the rest of this long weekend and enjoy the opportunity to catch up on critiques, articles and a bit of marketing. I've had enough of weather for now.



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